Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Fever.....

I have never been one to be bothered by the rain. But for some reason this year I was VERY excited about the snow and wanting a bunch of snow days. Now I got a taste of Spring and I am VERY excited for Spring and Summer.

Here are just a few things I am looking forward to doing this Spring and Summer.

Woodland, WA Tulip Festival
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Coloring
Laying in the Sun
Timothy Lake
Hiking - Hiden Lake
Hiking - Mirror Lake
Summer Birthdays (there are a lot)
laying in the sun reading

We always kick off the Summer with our anual camping trip to Timothy Lake Memorial weekend. Then I head out for my biggest work trade show. This year we are going to LA for 2 weeks. I get to go to Disneyland!!!! I am so excited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland.

Timothy Lake and Mt. Hood

Penelope at the Tulip Festival

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