Sunday, March 18, 2007


Memories.......Today I talked to my friend Jamie who moved down to California. Jamie hung out last night with an old friend of ours Jeff. Jeff brought up a lot of old memories from almost 10 years ago. We used to take random trips to the beach but the best was the random things Jamie would say and come up with. One of Jamie's favorite words was "broach". She would say this all the time. So much that people would challenge her to the way she used "broach". Most people think of it as a pin you would wear. Jamie's use of the word broach was,to bring up (a subject) for discussion or debate. I know it doesn't seem very funny to anyone but just one word has created a day of memory lane.

After talking to Jamie the first time I went and looked for a stack of pictures. I found the pictures and laughed to myself for an hour just looking at us 10 years ago and the things we did and how we dressed. What was I thinking wearing flannel shirts with leggings? I would post these pictures but I don't know if we want anyone to see these pictures. Jamie don't worry I will let you see them before I post them.

I can't wait till June we are going to have so much fun together. I wish I would have more time to hang out but I will have to make another trip down to visit you, especially if I can find a cheap plane ticket. :) Chris and I will have to broach the topic of me coming down more. ;-)

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