Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things I want to accomplish in 2007.........

Jenn and I went out to dinner for my birthday a while ago now. We got on the topic of resolutions and goals. It may have been Jenn or Oprah but I also heard someone say when you make a resolution it doesn't mean you have to quit or do it right at that moment when the clock strikes 12:00am January 1st. or by the end of January. I think this may be the reason people in general always think they fail at their New Years resolution.

I have decided for 2007 there are a few things that I want to accomplish.

Eat Healthier - This would mean cut fast food, cut back on Dr, Pepper, and mainly watch what I eat. See now these may seem easy for the some people but for me this is so hard. I am trying to hard to avoid fast food. It is so easy when I have a couple dollars to just go to Taco Bell for lunch or grab a Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger from Wendy's on the way to the GAP. My biggest down fall breakfast. It is easy for me to make a sandwich for work or something simple but for breakfast it isn't that easy. I am not the kind of person you would call a "morning" person I am very far from it. So I do everything I can to get that extra minute of sleep. What I need to do is motivate myself to get up and make breakfast in the morning. This will cut back on the trips to BK or McD's with the extra change I have. Now to the Dr. Pepper this has been something that is like an IV to me. I can't live without it. I will have to find a way to live without fast food and to cut back on my Dr. Pepper consumption for now.

Get Organized - If you have ever seen my office at home you will know that being organized is not one of my best skills. When it comes to work I am I have everything in its place but at home now that is another story. I don't know why I can't carry this over. I guess I always feel like there are so many other things to do in my life besides becoming organized or getting organized. I will do it though. I will get there before December 31, 2007.

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