Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letting Cats Outside......

Our cats Shiver and Jack have become accustom to going outside. They actually LOVE it. I have never wanted outside cats for fear of what would happen to them but they like going out so I can't stop them.

I came home from a wonderful night of shopping with my Sikoni and those bratly children of hers last night all happy. When I got out of the car I could hear Shiver meowing in the distance but he wouldn’t come when I called him. Usually he will come running to get in the house and get fed. I didn’t think much of it and went inside.

An hour or so later I went outside to see if I could find him. I could here him but still couldn’t find him. I told Chris and he said he was probably stuck on a roof somewhere. He sill usually come running when you call his name so it was weird to me. I went outside one more time when we went to bed and figured he would come down when he was ready.

Chris woke me up this morning tapping me saying he found Shiver. I started panicking cause I was worried something was wrong. I guess the neighbor put a live trap out and trapped him with a bowl food. I was freaking out because the poor little kitten was probably scared out of his kitty mind. He is home and from what we know he seems fine. He has a red mark on his head and a is limping a little bit. He also has a nasty smell to him.

Now is this ok to do? I asked around and I guess as long as it is a “live” trap it is ok. But out of courtesy if our cats or other neighbor cats were bothering their yard or their grouchy old asses wouldn’t you think they would come say something to us? If there is some other critter they are trying to catch don’t you think they would come say something as well so they don’t hurt harmless kitties? I don’t know what to think I am a little upset by it cause our cats LOVE going outside and playing but we can’t let them out now cause we have grouchy old fart neighbors. I know not everyone loves cats but come on a cage because they are roaming the neighborhood that is not ok to me. I would have NEVER thought something like this would happen. What are they going to do next? Chris is going to talk to them this afternoon and hopefully Shiver is ok because he will come unglued. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Poor Shiver Biver!

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