Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am Sad for the loss but have found a replacement

If you know me at all you know I was an avid Beverly Hills 90210 fan. So much so that when it was on 4 times a day and I didn't have a job I watch all 4 episodes for 6 months. I rarely missed a day because what was life with out 90210. Well 4 years ago my new love walked into my life OC. I watched this pretty much with Reina and when I started working at GAP I tried to get those nights off so we could watch it. So another love affair will come to an end tonight at 10pm. A side note about the OC tonight, the Play House from 95.5 will be on the OC tonight. So as it gets closer, yes I am sad I will miss the Summer, Ryan, Seth, Taylor, Kristen, Sandy, Katlin, and Julie. Not as much as I miss Kelly, Steve, Donna, David, Brandon, Dylan, Nat, Valerie, Jim and Cindy.

But, I have been introduced to something new by Reina. Actually it isn't new. EVERYONE loves it but I watch the first one EVER last Friday night with Reina and have been counting down till tonight. Yes it is Grey's Anatomy. Why have I waited this long to watch this show? Why am I just now watching and we don't know if Meridith is going to die tonight or not? So this night could actually end bad. I guess I have about few more hours till I will actually know. Thank goodness for DVR because they are on at the same time and I wouldn't know what to do.

My old love or my new love? Thank goodness I do not have to make that choice.

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