Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunriver & Super Bowl 41

This last weekend we went to Sunriver with Thomas, Lindsey, Zach, Lex, Chris P., Jenny, and Stacy. Words cannot explain how much fun we had. I have to say Sunriver is one of my favorite places to go and relax in Oregon. I think the bonus is almost every house there has a hot tub and I LOVE to just sit and relax any time of the day in a hot tub. Saturday we woke up and did nothing for almost 4 hours till enough was enough and we got out of the house. We didn't do anything exciting but drive into Bend to get Jenny a few items of clothing because her wonderful husband Chris forgot her clothes. ;) Love you Chris! It is all in the name. We planned on getting up early and going to the Mt. Bachlor that day but it just didn't work out that way. Coming home I do have to say my husband said on of the most profound comments. We were driving and he saw a sign that said, "elevation 4500 ft." He quickly turns and says, "Did you know we are at 4500 ft? To put that into perspective my parents house is at 1000 ft." "Wow honey I love your cute face." :)

Once we got home from town we had dinner then the night quickly began of fun times. Christopher became quite the open book in more ways than one. Lindsey decided to spend 45 minutes with the camera. I decided I needed to wrestle Chris P. at one point still don't remember it but have seen the pictures and the bruises to prove it. We all realized how much fun we have together as a group of friends and family. Chris and I love all of you to pieces and are very glad each one of you are apart of our lives.

Sunday we woke up and finally went to Bachlor like we intended on doing all weekend. Bachlor really doesn't have a bunch of turn offs like Mt. Hood does to take the kids tubing. We found one place that we turned off but it wasn't all to great because the slow wasn't real fresh. It was a good time though and some good pictures came from it. We ended up driving all the way to the lodge. They actually had a place specifically for tubing 6 lanes and a rope tow on each side. Now talk about lazy Americans. We can't even walk to the top of a hill to slide down we have to have a rope pull us to the top while we sit on our asses.

After a few hours we headed back to the house to watch our Beloved Bears play the Colts in the Super Bowl. We all know how that turned out. Lets pray Lovie decides to find a better quarterback and there will always be next year. That or Rex Grossman comes up with a miracle in the off season.

Chris and I don't usually agree on music but we agree Prince is amazing. He gave an amazing half time performance. He doesn't seem like someone you would see in the Super Bowl half time show but it was great.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again. I love you guys!

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