Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What is important?

I have always been one that has either lived to constantly please people or doing things for them. Some people in my life would say at one time I was a door mat for my friends and relatives. Through the years God has taught me 1 how to stand up for myself and 2 not always do what everyone else wants but what Taneha wants. Imagine that, it is possible. So recently I have taken on the approach that I can't do everything just to please everyone. Well, this doesn't seem to fit well into everyone's way of thinking. Some still think that I should do everything for them and not worry about myself sometimes or other important issue going on.

Last Monday the 7th our best friends 9 month old baby was put in the hospital. They have always done a lot for Chris and I. So in turn when they need us we would like to be there for them. They are a huge part of our life. This ended up causing a little bit of a problem for other people that didn't understand because I put everything else on the back burner so if they needed me or us we were there for them. If Reina wanted me to go and sit with her for a few hours and drink wine I would. If she wanted me to watch Big Brother with her I would. I just don't see how some people can get so irritated if you don't do one small thing for them. Maybe I am being selfish. Maybe I should have thought about how my actions were going to affect someone else cause honestly what I was suppose to do was taken care of by someone else and in my mind I had something that took priority over anything right at that moment to do.

It is all over now but I just don't get how you give and give to certain people in your life but it still isn't enough. Why is it when you can't do something they are hurt and mad at you. I have come to the conclusion if they are mad at you for something so small they will get over it and I can't spend my day trying to fix it. Instead I am sitting here typing a blog about it. How funny is that?

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Jenn said...

I'm glad you are realizing that you don't have to please every one. That is a very impossible task.