Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am a bit frustrated and irritated by my shoes. I am really and always have been a shoe freak. I love shoes to say the least. I used to be really bad but now that I have responsibilities I try not to buy every pair of black shoes I see and love. My philosophy if it is a black shoe, it is cute and I don't have it I need it. You can never have too many pairs of black or brown shoes. A few weeks ago I was walking in the house and ruined a new pair of heels I had just bought. The heel slipped in a crack in the side walk and ripped up the leather on the back. UGGGGG so I was limited on my shoes cause I hadn't bought any in a while and didn't have many summer work heels, OK I had none now. So Saturday I found a cute cheap pair at Kohl’s to get me by for a while till I found ones I love. I wore them yesterday for the, yeah they irritated me a bit but they were new I expected it. I decided to wear them again today to work. As I was going to pick up my lunch I saw something, what looked to be mud on the end of my left one. NOPE my cute shoes now had a stupid rip in the leather. OMG are freaking kidding me. I am not having any luck. NOW I have 2 new pairs of shoes that have to be taken to the shoe repair man in Fred Meyer. I can't even begin to explain how irritating this is. I now this sound so trivial but it is really a bit irritating. I want to take both pair of shoes and throw them against the wall or through a window. Right about now I wish I could one just go barefoot every where or just wear flips the rest of my life and look cute. But I am sure some how they will rip or scuff 2 days after I get them.

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