Sunday, October 21, 2007

Best Friends

Kelle and Joe left for Mexico on Tuesday so Wriggly is staying with us. Wriggly and Kona are almost exactly a year apart so they have grown up together and become best friends. It is so funny when we are home you just mention Wriggly or Meme's name and Kona gets so excited to go see them. I have posted some pictures of them below of them this week and a previous one of them almost a year ago at Meme's house.

Hanging out at Meme's together!
Wriggly and Kona playing bite bite face face when Chris brought Wriggly over on Tuesday.

The girls have been having so much fun together. Here is a little video of them playing over a bone. It might be a little blurry cause I took it with my phone. I think they are both going to be sad when Kelle and Joe get home because they have been having so much fun together.

Wriggly resting after they played really hard for about an hour.

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