Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where did June & July go?

Chris and I moved into our new house 2 months ago on the 19th and we still aren't settled in. Shouldn't I be organized by now? I had to look back at my calendar to find out where all the weekends and days went. Looks like they were all full with Timothy Lake, weddings, birthdays, trade shows, recitals, baby showers, girls nights, and a tons of fun times. And I wonder where all my time goes........

Here are a few pictures of all the good times over the last few months.

When I was in LA for 2 weeks I decided to go down and stay with Bryan, Fina and the kids for the weekend. I had a GREAT time relaxing and hanging out by the pool in the sun. I can't wait to go back and visit hopefully soon.
Penelope had her first dance recital in June. It brought me to tears watching her dance her little legs off.

Kasey giving Jamie's belly kisses.

For the 4th of July we went over to Johnny's this year and had a great time BBQ'ing and hanging out. I am sure there will be many more nights at Johnny's this summer.

Tricia and Madi playing game at our house.
Chris and Garrett playing on the trampoline.

In June Meme finally got her goats on June 10th she brought home Belle and Betsy.

Tanner Jenkins was born July 1st.
Reina and I after Tanner's baby shower.
Tyler loves for mommy!
Zach got glasses and looks like a mini Thomas. It is amazing!!
Zachri turned 6 on 7/25. It seems just like yesterday LindsEy was going into have him and here we are 6 years later getting ready for him to go into 1st grade.
Parker playing at Zach's birthday party. This little boy has no fear when it comes to the swimming pool.
As you can see we have had a BUSY 2 months but it has all been worth it. I really like our new house and the new neighbor hood. I miss our old house but I find new reasons each morning that make me smile. Whether it is Jack and Shiver being lazy, Kona wondering when we are going to play or all the wildlife in the pond behind us. On Monday I saw 2 raccoons crawling around in the grass. Last night we came home and heard a noice right by the fence. Kona started barking at it when we looked it was a possum playing possum. I think I will unpack on Sunday it looks like we will be staying a while. :)
Kona wants to go outside and play. Jack being lazy in a GAP bag his favorite place to sleep. Kelsey and put him in her purse the day we brought him home. He has loved bags ever since.
My new friend that has been in the pond every morning for the last week.
Now we are on to August. We have more birthday's, a wedding in Idaho, family days and maybe a camping trip.

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