Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day/Holidays..........

Each year Mother’s Day/Holiday is different. Sometimes I have wanted to just cry, some I have completely forgotten, some I think how great it would be to give my family the news as a present for that holiday that we are having a baby, and some years I occupy myself with so much I forget to cry. This year was a mixture of all.

I say it was a combination of all for a few reasons. We have really been so busy that Mother’s Day just kind of snuck up on us so we didn’t plan anything big for either one of our Mom’s. I didn’t really feel like just crying all day like some years but there were a few things that brought tears to my eyes throughout the day.

Sometimes I don’t think I give Chris enough credit to understand sometimess what I am going through. We went to my Mom’s yesterday for pretty much all day since Joe and Kelle were out of town. In the early afternoon I was in Mom’s office and heard Kona walking in the kitchen and Mom yelling for me. I jumped up quickly knowing Kona isn’t really allowed in the house. As I turned the corner here came Kona with a card around her neck. It was the cutest Doggie Mother’s Day card that brought tears to my eyes. I may not be a “mom” in the truest sense but I am Kona's Mommy.

When we spend time at Mom and Jack’s we always like to enjoy a nice bottle of wine or 2. For some reason they decided they wanted shots yesterday. I am not a shot person to save my life. I am done with those days. Well, they brought out this nice bottle of Tequila that Mom bought in Mexico. She said, “This is for a VERY special occasion and we won’t open it till that day. Either after Taneha has a baby or her first actual Mother’s Day.”

Oh Mom you always know just the right things to say to make me cry yet so happy at the same time. I am so truly thankful for you! You have been the most amazing Mother a daughter could ask for. Like your card said, “you make everything look so easy and always know just what to say.” I can’t wait for the day we get to share Mother’s Day and get to have that shot and yes I will have it.

A friend of mine sent me a really sweet email that she was thinking and praying for me. I sometimes think I am forgotten about on days like Mother’s Day. Kristin, thank you for the email. She also sent me a link as well to a
blog of a friend of hers. I can’t even begin to describe the blog you will just have to read it for yourself. I don’t know her at all but want to say thank you. Thank you for putting my hurts and tears into words so others will understand. Thank you for not forgetting the feeling and thank you for reminding me that I am not alone.

I did have a peace this weekend that our life was falling back into place. A peace that finally finally I may soon breathe stress free which may be the answer to so many unanswered problems. I know that one of these Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, whatever it may be I will get to give my family and his family the “present” I have been wanting to give. I know God has not given up on us and has his own plan as hard as it maybe for me to accept.

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Kristin said...

What I think is so cool is how God chooses to use us in each other's lives, if we're willing and if we let Him~~this is the big part!

I'm sure Jenni, and I know I, wouldn't have purposely chosen to become mothers the way that we did, but God knew in order for us to become the women He designed us to be, we would have to experience the good, the bad & the ugly.

Also, I bet you'll find, unlike some mommies, that you'll never, ever take your child(ren) for granted, because they were so wanted!

So my friend, don't be afraid to pray boldly, and specifically. And then sit back, and watch God work. He may even surprise you!

Blessings, K~