Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We're Off!!!

Man what a week! We started packing last week to move last weekend. Thank you to Mom, Kelle, Dana, Kenzie, Austen, Stacy, Thomas, LindsEy, the Kids and Gavin (our new 4 yr. old friend), for all your help last weekend with the move. I do not like moving and I hope we don't do it again for a while. Was for sure a bitter sweet move but we really like out new place and can't wait to have people over.

Kona wasn't so sure about the move and still is a little anxiety struck by the event. Shiver didn't do good the first few night but has learned to love all the ducks and birds in the pond behind our house. Jack well he is used to moving and did just fine. He likes helping me get ready in the morning.

I haven't quite got done unpacking everything or found a place for it but I will soon.

In the mean time we are out of here. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for our annual Memorial Day camping trip to Timothy Lake. We can't wait to go and relax it will be a well deserved trip this year. When I get back I will share all the pictures, laughs, fishing stories and fun times we will had. Till then have a GREAT long weekend I know I will.

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