Monday, June 19, 2006

We are getting there......

So right before I left for Orlando I made a Doctors Appointment with a new Doctor Jenn recommended. My appointment was on the 12th at 3pm. I was SO nervous yet so excited at the same time. I have been scared since my surgery in 1999. Which actually seemed like it was yesterday and really it was already 7 years ago which seemed so crazy to me. Honestly it truly seems like yesterday. I sat in the waiting room reading an article in Redbook about Harry Conick Jr. The door opened and the nurse peaked her head through the door and was like, "Mrsssss. Tes..." "Teshera" I finished for her. After I did all the new patient questions with the nurse I sat on the edge waiting for the doctor to come in. She walked in and said, "Taneha?" She said it right it was the funniest thing. Ok to most people that may not seem funny to you but for someone to get my name right on the first guess, that is like 1 in 5000. I think that is how many times on the first guess people have actually said my name right. So after talking with her and giving her my medical background she seemed very positive. First we have to try a month or 2 of ovulations test then. In the mean time she wants Chris to go get tested first since eliminating him is easy to do in this case. So I called Chris and said, "Hey honey your first. You get to visit the cup." Then after all that if we aren't pregnant we get to start all the fertility testing for me. First she wanted me to check with my insurance to see if they covered any of it. Off I was to find out what I could. Here is where we are now. Come to find out insurance doesn't cover a thing and I will have to pay for all of it out of our pocket. Funny thing most insurances with cover abortions but do you think they will cover fertility testing NOPE!!! I am so upset but will work with it. Chris and I have started saving and hopefully by the end of the year we will have some answers. So say your prayers for us. We are both really excited. My doctor seemed so positive that I could be any more excited. I just have to over come the hurdle of getting the testing done if need be. We are on our way and getting there.


Tara said...

Swim spermies, swim!!!

Jenn said...

I love her! I am so glad that you liked her too. It's always nerve-racking when you refer someone somewhere and just hope that they have the same feeling.
I really appreciate her a lot.
I hope the road for you isn't as long as my journey has been (and is still going on).
Love you! Jenn