Monday, March 06, 2006

First Blog

Ok, so this is my first official blog. I have done them before on myspace but deleted most of them because they were just stupid forwards. On my way to work either at PLUS or GAP I am always thinking, "man I need to blog more" just because I always have these random thoughts in my head. So I will give it a try for now. I am married to Christopher. We have been married for almost 4 years now. We have a Chocolate Lab named Kona and 3 cats Jack, Jill, and Shiver. Chris just started a new job that he loves. I have been working for PLUS now almost 5 years and started working part time at the GAP in the evening and weekends for extra money. I actually like it a lot because I don't have to think or worry about anything. Besides the fact that I am almos 8-11 years older than most of the ids there it is GREAT. I love my GAP friends. Chris and I have been trying off and on to get pregnant for probably 2 years now. We have been unsecesful but we know it will happen when the time is right. I have my good and bad days when it comes to being pregnant. I am sure I will talk about it more in another blog. Now that my offical first blog is out of the way I feel so much better. :)

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Jenn said...

I see that you have really stay on top of posting new stuff :-)
Just kidding... love you!