Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have never spent any amount of time in L.A. and now I kind of know why.

Tuesday morning I flew down to L.A. for work. I have a trade show that goes from Wednesday till Friday (tomorrow). I have never really spend a large amount of time in L.A. at least not by myself. The worst part is I am down town L.A. with no car and nothing really around me to do. Tuesday when I got off the plane Craig my boss took me to lunch at probably the oldest restaurant in L.A., Philippe's. OMG he was right it has the best French Dip Sandwich EVER!!! Nothing compares to this place. They still sell coffee for $.10. Who actually does that any more. After we set up our both around 4pm I just went back to my room and spent the rest of the evening in just because I was too tired to actually do anything.

Wednesday night we went to The Standard in down town LA. We went to the roof top lounge. That was pretty cool. I was pretty impressed. Amazing though the amount of out of town people that were there actually made me laugh because being in such a trendy place and there were so many people that honestly looked out of place made the evening so entertaining.

Really it hasn't been that bad so far, I just haven't really been able to see much of L.A. because I have no way to get around without taking a cab or walking, which I don't feel like doing after being on my feet for 5 hours.

Tonight I actually went to West LA but couldn't tell you the name of the restaurant. It was really nice though. It actually reminded me of being in Vegas in one of the indoor restaurants that makes you think you are outside. That is how nice it was outside.

Well tomorrow I only have to work from 10:30am till 2pm then I am catching a train down to San Diego to visit my brother. I am so excited to actually take a break before I have to spend another 6 days focusing day and night on work. I love San Diego, my brother, family and so looking forward to the break. Well I will tell you all about it on Sunday night.

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