Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Daily Random Thoughts

As I was driving at lunch today I was thinking of all these things in my head so I thought why not blog them. Some of them quite pointless other a little interesting at least I talked to myself in the car about them for a while. I laugh by myself too you should try it sometime it is GREAT. ;-)

Rain, is it ever going to stop? I honestly don't mind the rain I like the sound of it and it makes everything smell so yummy. I mean come on, "I love the smell of water." The question though how much rain can you actually take though. Know I think hasn't gone to bathroom in like 2 days. It was poring down rain this morning and I made her stay out in the rain for 15 minutes. I felt so bad for her, I am a sucker. The gutters on the house haven't been completely cleaned out and the rear ones have created a waterfall over the side of the gutter. When is Chris going to be home so he can fix it? This seems to be a small problem compared to all the families and people in Oregon and Washington that have flooded houses. I can't even imagine how horrible it would be to have to deal with something so much bigger than just a small waterfall over my gutter. Tonight I am very thankful that the rain has stopped for at least a few hours.

What am I still doing at my job? I complain about it so much but don't probably do all the things I could to change it. I have applied for a few other jobs but haven't ever heard back. There are a few things I do like about my job but really what keeps me there? Is is because it is stable? Is is because I am not crazy about change? Is it because I absolutely love the people I work with. Ok I do like about 4 of the people I work with ok maybe 6. Beyond that I think I might go crazy half the day. For now I will just keep looking and praying something will come up.

For now I will spare you all the other boring details of the thoughts I think of through out the day. Trust me these are normal compared to the other ones I have......

Why when someone calls a company for Tech Support on something they own they all the sudden act like their brain has left their head?

Do people really think if they build a house on a cliff and it rains like 70% of the year their house will actually stay there?

I could go on and one but I will leave it for another day.

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